Welcome to the world of the SCHMACKOS™ brand

We are committed to improving your dog’s wellbeing! Our brand philosophy is simple but powerful: we do everything possible to help dogs and their humans have more fun together. We believe that the bond between a pet and their parent is a special one, and we are dedicated to strengthening that connection through our irresistible treats.

Our secret is our LIPSCHMACKIN'™ flavour, that will have your dog begging for more. Whether it's for training, treating, playing, or bonding, every SCHMACKOS™ treat becomes an enticing reward for your furry companion. Here's the exciting part - your dog will go WACKO™ for them!

We are dedicated to making delicious treats to make dogs happy, with ingredients that makes their owners happy too! That's why our treats are carefully crafted to consider your dog’s wellbeing while bringing joy to your lives and making every moment you spend together extra special.

Your pet's happiness is our top priority. Remember, a WACKO™ dog is a happy dog!